About us

How it started.

In 2016, our founder, Dominic, formed a digital agency called Digidom.

The agency primarily worked with small businesses in the UK, helping them achieve their goals through digital marketing.

As the agency began generating leads for clients, mainly through Google AdWords and social media, it discovered that companies found it difficult or too time-consuming to provide accurate sales data back to the agency—a requirement for measuring the success of its marketing efforts. Digging in a bit more into their customers’ workflows uncovered why: a mishmash of super-sized spreadsheets, whiteboards, and the odd post-it note were among the methods used to track leads and deal progress.

To solve these problems, the agency started recommending off-the-shelf CRMs, only to encounter further challenges. Either the CRM was too difficult to use, too expensive or did not capture the level of marketing data the agency required to inform decisions on its campaigns. Out of these frustrations, HubDash was born.

Initially, Digidom built a suite of online tools for companies to track online visitors and simplify the management of inbound leads. It became less of a burden for the marketer and the business to communicate effectively.

The experience of working with the tools was so compelling that Digidom decided to convert its secret weapon into HubDash, a platform accessible to other small businesses and marketers.

Not another CRM!

There are more CRMs than trees. No, but seriously, there are a lot.

So why would we enter a seemingly saturated market? Why would a small company in the UK invest in building a technology already considered done by marketing leaders?

Easy should be, easy.

Google “CRM” and you’ll find a lineup of big-budget global brands providing CRM solutions. Among the websites, you’ll notice shared messaging, describing their CRMs as “easy”, “simple”, and “user-friendly”. Next, take a look at a pricing page. Suddenly, you’re looking at a matrix of prices for plans and modules with different features and limitations, some of which you don’t even understand.

In our opinion, this is not “easy”. It’s not to say that these services aren’t good. Still, a side-effect of becoming a global software provider has bloated the products to the point it becomes intimidating and less accessible for those who do not have a degree in digital marketing.

Our goal is to make good sales practice and digital marketing accessible to non-experts.

Dominic Foulkes, HubDash founder.