Glazing Marketing Software

Manage your glazing sales like a boss

Whether your company provides local domestic glazing services or national commercial fit-outs, our CRM software structures your sales data and measures what marketing efforts deliver the most profitable jobs.

Stay on top of your leads

Managing leads from multiple sources can be challenging, even with the most well-engineered in-house spreadsheet. Not using a CRM for tracking your data can lead to issues:

  • Time wasted on accessing the correct information.
  • Leads slip through the net.
  • Lack of company-wide visibility and accountability.
  • Employee fatigue using the wrong tools for the job.
  • Poor reporting of historical data to help inform future business decisions.

HubDash solves these issues, enabling you to spend less energy on the administerial process and more energy growing your business.

How HubDash works for glazing services

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