HubDash Privacy Policy

“Website”, “Site” will only mean, its subdomains and no other website.

Words such as “We”, “Us” and “Our” will refer only to HubDash, a trading name of Digidom Studios Limited, a company registered in England and Wales no. 09890452.

“Customer”, “Client”, “User” will only mean those who purchase and use our service.

“Customer Data” means the personal data of those who purchase our service.

“Restricted” means parts of the Website and platform whose access is only authorised for Users who have purchased our service.

“Public” means parts of the Website and platform which is open to the public domain and can be accessed by anyone.

“User” means Customers who have an account on our Site and access to Restricted parts of the Website and the platform.

The definition of “Personal Data” will be derived from its current legal definition under GDPR.

The definitions of the terms “Controller” and “Processor” will be derived from their current legal definitions under GDPR. “Visitor” means individuals, separate from Users, who are only allowed access to Public parts of the Website and the platform.


Our Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) will describe the information we might collect from you. It will also explain the legal bases for collecting it, the means of storing your data and your right to access it, change it or remove it.

This Policy will also explain how HubDash is a Controller because we determine the means and purpose of accumulating the personal data of our customers and web visitors and how HubDash is a Processor in which we host, store, and process the personal data of individuals on behalf of our customers who use our services.

This Policy is a part of and is subject to the HubDash Terms of Service. Some capitalised words not defined in the list below will have definitions declared in our Terms of Service.

The data we collect on the HubDash Platform

We collect various types of data through the HubDash platform. We process personal data to maintain the platform’s functionality as outlined in our Terms of Service. In the section, ‘How We Use This Data’, we will further detail how this processing is done in the platform’s legitimate interests. We may ask for your consent to process your data when appropriate.

Data provided by the User

When you use our Platform as a User, we may collect data from you. Our platform functions as a Controller for this data because we are solely determining the means and purpose for collecting it.

For example, when you register and purchase an Account as a User, you will provide personal data such as your full name, email address, physical address, phone number and billing information.

Information collected on behalf of Clients

Clients or Users can store or upload personal data of their customers that they have collected onto the platform’s database. As stated in the introduction, the data that our clients collect through our platform is processed by us on their behalf, making us the Processors of this information. It is every Client’s responsibility to notify their customers as to the purpose of collecting their personal data and how they use it through the platform.

Data processed by us on behalf of our Clients that you want to access, modify, or delete must be done by contacting the Client.

Information that is Automatically Collected

When Users or Visitors use the platform, certain information from the User’s or Visitor’s device will be automatically recorded. We do this by using tracking technology such as cookies and web beacons. This information can involve IP addresses, the type of device, or the web browser you are using. Other information may include what pages on the Website and Platform have been accessed by the Visitor or User, including the interactions with the website’s content, the dates and times of the moments of these interactions and the point of access. We may use these tracking technologies to collect data when a User or Visitor interacts with content contained in emails.

How We Use This Data

In accordance with our Terms of Service, we use the data we accumulate in various ways to provide and improve our service. The ways we do this are:

  • To maintain, operate and deliver our services.
  • We collect data such as email addresses (not from data accumulated on behalf of our clients) to contact Visitors or Users for administrative purposes and notify customers of promotions and events.
  • Information is automatically collected through tracking technologies such as web beacons and cookies to make our service personalised to Users, show more relevant information and analyse the efficiency of our website and services.
Who We Share Information With

Unless as stated in the following list, we will not disclose personal data or data stored on behalf of clients through our platform.

  • Third-party services required to provide our services.
  • Disclosure of your personal information may be necessary according to applicable laws, for instance, to comply with law enforcement or other governmental agencies. We may disclose personal data if it is found that fraudulent, unlawful, or abusive uses have been made through our Platform. We also reserve the right to disclose your data to protect the security and integrity of the platform and the safety of its users.
  • In the event of a change of ownership, users and visitors’ personal information and account information may be disclosed to the new successor or acquirer or the platform. They shall only receive this data if their Privacy Policy is the same (or otherwise modified in accordance with future GDPR law changes) as this Privacy Policy.
What You Can Do with Your Data

To access, moderate, or delete any of your personal data that we may store and process, please contact

You may not want to share some types of personal data with us, in which case our ability to deliver every feature that comprises our platform may be limited to you.


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