Level up your sales with smart software

An easy-to-use CRM, marketing and sales platform, HubDash is designed from the bottom up to help small businesses deliver big results.

Add leads through an easy-to-use interface, or capture automatically from existing forms on your website.
Convert leads to deals and track them through a customisable pipeline. View a timeline of notes and activities to understand your deal journeys.
Report on marketing campaign and sales performance, and discover the most common reasons for losing deals.

Companies from a wide range of sectors are using HubDash to power their marketing and sales.

Finally, an easy to use CRM for Small Businesses.
Managing leads can get messy

Companies use all sorts of ways to manage leads and sales data: spreadsheets, sticky notes, whiteboards, saved emails and other tools. This leads to common issues:

Employee fatigue on admin instead of energy spent closing.
No performance insights into your marketing channels
No immediate visibility of deal progress.

Simple lead management with smart software

With HubDash, all of your leads and sales data can be consolidated into one place with management tools that have ease of use in mind. Up your sales game with just a few of these perks:

Find a prospect, lead or deal in just a few clicks.
Lead data is automatically enriched with channel and campaign data so you know what Google Ad, social media campaign or other online marketing effort returns the most value, and what needs more work.
Management dashboards for clear visibility in to your leads and deals.

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